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When an eight-year coma patient and her pregnant nurse aim for something new beyond hospital walls, they form an unforgettable bond filled with laughter and questions. Together, they find themselves battling a world that confuses reality with fiction, chance with fate, and the end with a new beginning.

Playwright: Jô Bilac



Established artists from different cultural backgrounds come together to talk about barriers, breakthroughs, and perseverance in the American entertainment industry. The Culture Forum's purpose is to incentivize and foster artistic immigrant youth and create a community of support between artists that share similar beginnings.

Launching July 24, 2019 at 8:30PM at TOWN Stages

Co-produced and moderated by Christina Villa

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RAE ISLA "Just Beacuse Acoustic Video"

Rae Isla creates "ether pop" music - songs with catchy hooks and spiritual depth. The music video for “Just Because”, which marked Rae's directorial debut, was released via MTV Latin America in February, 2018. Rae is currently self-producing her debut EP, working with musicians from Mexico, London, and New York to create a stunning and foreign soundscape to support her signature pop-form songs.

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Dreamless is two-act play inspired by the letter Sergio Urrego left behind before he died of suicide. In a surrealist parallel world, Sergio is forced to live the same day of his death again and again, now in the form of an actor being watched and used as entertainment for an eternal audience. Act two brings an angel that tries to convince Sergio to leave the torment and reborn, yet Sergio has grown familiar and comfortable with the space of his torture and can’t let go. The piece is accompanied by a documentary film piece of similar exponent cases.

Playwright: Gabriel Torres

Premiere at the Clemente Theatre November 2018


Fifteen years Of Love

A non-fictional immigration story. Luca lived in Colombia for fifteen years without his parents, moving household to household as his mother worked tirelessly in the USA to send him money. Luca is now a teenager living in the USA with his mother, but their wounds are deep and they are trying to re-stitch each other through tears, missteps, constrictions and care. 

Playwright: Gabriel Torres

Premiere at Theatre for a New City May 2018. 

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Glass Stained Angels

A musical inspired by the MM2000 series by Shane Evans.

The musical follows a group of people from different areas of conflict living together in an abandoned space, waiting for aid that has been promised to arrive in the next seven days. A story about the human strength to get back up by holding the hands of strangers, and the brave choice to sing and move forward in the unknown. Not a poetic unknown, but a terrifying one. One that feels like as you are running, bullets being fired behind and in front of you.

Playwright: Zhailon Levingstone

The New School for Drama (no public performance)

Art by Shane Evans



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