Artist Statement

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“The density of contemporary culture has a fundamental role in my work. As a director, my focus is developing new works that defends the dignity of those whose identity have been depersonalized in a mass of people. I am in constant search of new ways of capturing, cultivating and encouraging the development of my cultural and ethical surroundings.

My commitment is to unfold stories of multicultural identities in the United States while exploring theatrical languages that are relatable to an American audience.

I relish unfolding moments that take place, and go unspoken. Often through physical theatre, I explore the intersections of the injustices of the past, the strength it takes to persevere in the present and the desperations of the future. The plays I am deeply involved with often disrupts the concept of linear history and events omitted from mainstream culture.

I am engaged with and in constant hunger for theatre that is healing, a force against segregation and an optimist conductor towards hope and the progressive cultural transformation of our time.”

- Marina Montesanti