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Marina Montesanti

is a New York based Theatre Director. She develops new works that unfold stories of multicultural identities in the United States. She also directs plays translated from Portuguese and Spanish into English.

Montesanti has resided in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and the USA. Theatre of the Oppressed was her founding theatrical practice.


From 2012-2014 while in Johannesburg, South Africa she experimented with theatrical ways of communication that challenged expected manners of expression.

In her words: “I was invited into a community where I couldn't communicate through language and had to learn how to translate narratives through the body. The physical language became our greatest tool of communication and this ability became a pillar of my work.”

Montesanti was recently commissioned to direct a two-act production at the Clemente Theatre based on the Sergio Urrego phenomenon, written by Gabriel G Torres. She is also in pre-production for the New York premiere of Jo Bilac’s Cucaracha and conceiving a musical based on Shane Evan’s MM2000 illustration series.






The New School, College of Performing Arts, School for Drama, BFA, Dramatic Arts

SITI Company
SUZUKI and Viewpoints workshop

Directing Masterclass taught by Peter Brook

Harvard University
Literature and History Summer Courses

London RADA
Applied Theatre Training

Ping Chong & Co.
One year course at The New School for Drama

Urban Bush Women
Workshops at The New School for Drama

Oral History
One year partnership with Atlas: DIY (immigrant youth program)

Prof. Lily Henderson

Screen Studies
Prof. Noah Isenberg